Aspen Ridge RV Park Guidelines for an Enjoyable Stay

The following Guidelines were established to maintain high standards of cleanliness, safety and maintenance, with a “Good Neighbor Policy” in mind. Since every contingency cannot be covered in a set of rules, from time to time, modifications may be necessary. Each person’s compliance is very much appreciated and will ensure a pleasant stay for all guests. Most of all, have fun and please be kind and respectful to all.

Aspen Ridge RV Park Office: 719-873-2248

Office Hours: Mon-Sat 9 am – 5 pm – Sunday 12:00 – 5:00 Office Closed for Lunch: 12:00-1:00 pm


Check In: 1 – 9 pm Guests must check into the office upon arrival


Check Out: by 11 am


Quiet Time: 10 pm – 7 am


Speed Limit – 5 mph Throughout The Park


WILDLIFE Safety First! Please bring bird seed, hummingbird feeders and trash cans in at night. Do not store food outside or in coolers. Bird Seed Feeders are allowed but the ground area needs to be kept cleaned around them. Do not throw food items on the ground (slices of bread, egg shells) or other food items because it attracts bears, coyotes, mountain lions, mice, chipmunks, etc.

TRASH is located by the storage shed by the office and down by the dog park. Please break down all cardboard boxes before throwing away. Please place the bear bars back in their slots on the trash dumpster. Do not leave trash outside the dumpsters or outside at your campsite.

FISH CLEANING: We provide an area for you to clean your catch. All skins, bones, and guts must be double bagged and placed in lined bucket in refrigerator. Gut bucket is disposed of on trash day, this helps with the aroma of fish guts from being smelled by the bears. Help keep the fish cleaning station clean and wash down with spray disinfectant. Happy fishing!

PET POLICY: All guests with pets need to follow park Pet Guidelines that they were provided with at check-in. Compliance is mandatory.

HUNTING or SHOOTING: Weapons and fireworks of any kind are prohibited.

INTOXIFICATION: Public intoxication will not be tolerated and will be handled by the the local town police department.

FIRE BANS, GRILLS, FIRE PITS: Please check at the office for local fire bans in effect. Grills should not be left unattended. Guests may use and enjoy our community firepit as long as no fire ban is in effect. Fires need to be attended to at all times and extinguished completely before leaving. Wood fire pits are not allowed at individual guest sites. Small propane fire pits are available to rent from the office if you would like a fire at your site.

SITE BOUNDARIES are between electric pedestals, yours and your neighbors. Slides and awnings cannot intrude into your neighbors site. Please make sure your camper is parked correctly prior to setting up rugs, awnings, etc. Strings on the ground are not site boundaries, they are to assist with tires alignment and backing in straight when parking in the site.

INTERNET: The Clubhouse WiFi, along with ARRV4, ARRV7, ARRV6 and Aspen Ridge Guest are complimentary WiFi hotspots provided around the park. We are in the process of upgrading our whole system but until then we cannot guarantee Wi-Fi access at every site. If your internet needs are for personal employment, gaming, video chat (skype, face time) Netflix, FireStick, Hulu, etc. please provide your own hot spot device.

PARKING: Each site is limited to parking ONE vehicle or ATV/UTV at their site along with their RV. Please do not park in an adjoining site without permission as an adjoining site may be reserved by another guest. All trailers, UTV’s, ATV’s and extra vehicles, of any kind, must be parked in the overflow area for an additional charge.

JACK PADS: Please use RV Jack Pads under your RV Jacks. If you don’t have any and need some, please check with the office or the facilities maintenance team to see if we have any extras that you can use.

CLUBHOUSE: This area is for the use of all guests. Guests using the Clubhouse need to clean up after themselves after each use. If you use the stove or oven, please clean/wipe it down after each use. The refrigerator & freezer is reserved for staff and use on potluck nights. It is not for guest personal use. The Clubhouse as well as the Pavilion can be reserved for private special events for an additional fee if arranged ahead of time through the office. Please allow at a weeks notice to reserve one of these gathering places. Common areas maybe temporarily closed for private functions, please observe all closed signs as posted.

SMOKING: No smoking or vaping inside of park buildings and smoking must be 20 feet away from public buildings per the state of Colorado. Please be courteous and keep your butts cleaned up around your site and the park. If smoking cannabis, please only do so in your RV and not in community areas.

RATES are based on a 2-person occupancy, more than 2 persons is an additional charge. VISITORS are welcome at Aspen Ridge RV Park. We appreciate being notified when you will be having visitors; we like to monitor who comes in and out of the park. Visitors staying overnight with guests are an additional charge using the current rates. Visitors are expected to adhere to all RV Park Guidelines and if they have pets, must sign our Pet Guidelines upon arrival. All visitors not staying overnight must leave by 10:00 p.m.

INDIVIDUAL SITE SATELLITE DISHES, STORAGE AND BEAUTIFICATION: All guests may have potted flower/plants at their sight for beautification. Guests are responsible for keeping their sites clean, neat and uncluttered. Please keep your possessions within your site so as not to encroach onto your neighbors site. Please do not attach items to trees. Satellite coax cables cannot be strung across walking areas as they create a tripping hazard. Please place satellite dishes as close to RV as possible and use weights rather than stakes to secure them.

NO REPAIRS, or WASHING of dogs, rigs, vehicles, UTVs, ATVs, Campers, etc. on park property. Check the Clubhouse bulletin board for local mobile repairman or RV washer who brings in his own water. Bucket washing is ok. NO FILLING OF ADDITIONAL WATER TANKS other than your RV holding tank due to strict metered water well restrictions. Washing of RV or vehicle by an outside mobile washing service is allowed. Please ask them to check in at the office when arriving.

LAUNDRY and CHANGE for washers & dryers is available at the office during office hours. Washers and dryers are located in the Clubhouse. NO washing or drying of animal linens in park laundry facilities. Permanent clothes lines are prohibited. Clothes lines mounted to RV’s are allowed however guests may be asked to remove clothes if deemed inappropriate or intrusive.

MAIL: We are unable to accept any USPS forwarded mail, but we are happy to receive packages at the office. Please let the office know when you are expecting a large package. Sometimes we can ask them driver to unload at your site. Please address packages sent to you in the following manner:

Aspen Ridge RV Park

Guest: (Your name and site #)

700 Hwy 149

South Fork, CO 81154

UTILITIES: We recommend the use of a surge protector for your electrical hookup due to possible power fluctuations in the area. Please turn off circuit breaker on the electric pedestal when connecting or disconnecting service. Aspen Ridge RV Park will not be held liable for any loss or damages due the utility failure. Our monthly guests can make their electricity payments in the form of cash, check or credit card. Credit card payments for electricity will incur a 3% service charge.

CHILDREN are welcome, parents are responsible for children’s safety and behavior. Unruly, destructive and / or rude behavior towards others by people of any age will not be tolerated.

CONDUCT: All guests are responsible for their conduct and that of their visitors, children and pets. Being inconsiderate or rude towards park guests or park staff will not be tolerated. If a guest becomes intoxicated and unruly they will be dealt with by the local sheriff department and may be asked to leave the park.

BE NEIGHBORLY: Quiet time is 10pm to 7am. Please be considerate of your neighbors at all times. Please do not walk through other guests’ sites. ATV’s and Motorcycles are to be driven in and out of the park by a licensed driver, no joy riding. Please do not drive over, or park on the grass or concrete patio pads.

WATER & SEWER CONNECTIONS: Leaky water hose connections are not allowed and should be remedied ASAP. We require the use of an air tight, threaded elbow fitting connection at your site which needs to be screwed into the sewer clean-out, not set upon the connection. Do not dump gray water on the ground. Guests maybe subject to costs for cleanup for waste dumping in non-designated areas or for backups they cause.

EARLY DEPARTURES: If you choose to shorten your stay and check out early, please understand that we do not issue credits or refunds for your choice to depart early. Early Departures will have their partial stay recalculated using a combination of the current weekly and nightly rates along with a cancellation fee. Requests for refunds or credits for emergency departures will be considered and must be made in writing providing full proof of emergency circumstances claimed.

We reserve the right to refuse continued residency privileges to offenders of our park or pet guidelines.

Aspen Ridge RV Park, it’s owners or or anyone associated with Aspen Ridge RV Park cannot be held liable for any accidents, injuries or for loss or damage due to fire, injury, theft, or utility failure.