The Rio Grande River is just less than at 1/4 of a mile away from Aspen Ridge RV Park. The Rio Grande River is the second longest river system in the United States. South Fork just happens to be located at the headwaters where the absolute best fishing to be found in the state. In fact, a 22 mile section of the river near South Fork has been designated as Gold Medal Water and is slated to be your best chance to catch a trophy fish. A section of the river from South Fork up stream through Creede only allow fly and lure fishing. If you like small stream fishing, you are in luck as there are 50 tributaries between South Fork and the Rio Grande Reservoir. Most of these are on public land and few are fished on a regular basis.

There are also numerous lakes in the area that are stocked by the state and allow pretty liberal catch limits. It is always a good idea to check the current limits as regulations can change from lake to lake. There are several fly shops and sporting goods stores in the area and they have maps available. Every summer our guests go fishing on the lakes and fill their limits. We at Aspen Ridge RV Park can give you some great ideas on where to go. There are also multiple fishing guide businesses in South Fork that can take you to the hot spots.

One of our favorite lakes to fish or canoe on is Poage Lake. After a short 1/4 mile easy walk, the trees open up to a beautiful, serene lake. A few others that you can pull your boat to are Rio Grande Reservoir, Big Meadows, Road Canyon and Continental.

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Some helpful links for more information on fishing in the San Luis Valley:

Fish The Upper Rio is great for finding the most extensive information on the type of fishing you want to do.

The Upper Rio Grande Guide offers places to go and information on local fishing guide services.

Contact the Division of Wildlife for information on fishing season dates, license fees, applications, etc.

(800) 244-5613 – Phone Sales
(303) 297-1192 – Information
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Colorado Fishing Atlas provides detailed fishing locations and information.