Extended Stay Terms:

Aspen Ridge RV Park is a small, seasonal business and all reservations are important. All changes and cancellations impact us greatly. When I reserve a RV site for you, I turn away all inquiries for those nights from other guests. I have agreed to hold a RV site for you in good faith by deeming the site unavailable. Both parties agree to the commitment in exchange for a non-refundable deposit. I’m sure you can understand, and it is purely an economic choice, we just ask that you be sure about your dates when confirming your reservation.

We also recognize that unforeseen circumstances may cause a cancellation or a change of plans for a reservation you have made with our RV Park. We will not be able to “hold” an RV site for a guest when their scheduled arrival date is delayed. We are willing to work with a guest if the delay is only a couple of days. Guests have the option to make payment for the original reservation to avoid having to cancel their entire stay or losing their preferred site. We understand this is a monetary choice for you as much as it is for our RV Park.

Unfortunately, if you have to cancel your stay with us this year with intentions of returning the following summer, please understand that your preferred RV site will be available to reserve by the guest who stayed with us this year in your absence. If you return the following summer, and if your site is available, I will keep you in mind to stay in the site. Otherwise, you will be on the top of the list for the next available site that will accommodate your RV. It will be your responsibility to contact us if you’d like to make a reservation the following year.

In the past, I have been complimented that I provide lots of information because I have been told by guests “I didn’t know that”. This maybe lengthy, but is intended to be useful information for a new and returning guests and for our camp hosts as well. This information is available on our web site.

Check In: 1:00 – 5:00 pm
(no late arrivals, check-in required/same day as arrival)
Due to past parking concerns, we escort all RV’s to their site upon check-in
Early Arrivals: Please call the office to confirm site availability
(we recommend not contacting your neighbor, they do not know our schedule)
Delayed Arrivals: Contact our office to make arrangements
Departure Date Check Out By: 11:00 am
(final electric billing/settle up the afternoon before departure)
Extended Stay Rates are based on 2 person occupancy
Additional Extended Stay guests: $1.50 per night, per person
(minimum of 30 nights over 2 people, up to six total)
Visiting Family & Friends are an additional per night, per person rate
Visiting Family & Friends will need to use overflow parking
Extended Stay Rates are non-taxable when a guest stays a minimum of 30 or more nights
Pro-rated payments are due every 30 days
Site Numbers are assigned at check-in for stays of 65 or less nights
Extended Stay rates are not eligible for additional discounts
Reservation for July only stays: rate is the same for 30 or 31 nights
Rate in July is reduced for guests who stay 45 or more continuous nights
A Deposit is required to hold your reservation based on length of stay
Deposit: $50 for 30/31 nights, $100 for 32 or more nights
Deposit: July only reservations $100
Reservation Deposits are non-refundable
Deposits will remain on account & will be credited towards final electric bill
Guests are responsible for their metered electric (plus taxes) every 30 days, cash/check only
No refunds or credits for early departures
Our email is not monitored by all staff. Please call 719-873-2248 regarding any reservation needs
Limited Parking of one (1) vehicle or ATV/OHV per site
Pets are welcome to stay in our RV Sites (based on size and breed)
Pets must be leashed at all times outside your RV – South Fork has a leash law
Pet Owners must agree to follow our Pet Guidelines at check-in
We allow guests to receive packages during their stay
Guests need make other arrangements for their regular personal postal mail
Please refrain from forwarding postal mail to our address during your stay
Guests with OHV’s: Excessive speeds are dangerous and raise dust throughout the
RV Park. Be mindful and courteous of others around the RV Park
Drivers of OHV units must be a licensed driver
We require use of jack stand placers/stabilizer’s between the ground and jack stands
to avoid stands causing to damage to buried water, sewer or electrical lines
We do not allow guests to use sewer hose liners or to dispose of sewer hose liners
in our dumpsters. Any sewage messes during your stay will be charged an additional
contamination clean-up fee
Guests who use a 3rd party storage/delivery service for their RV may incur additional
nightly charges should their RV 1) be delivered early, or 2) not picked up on scheduled pickup/checkout date.
We have strict water restrictions and ask that all guests refrain from washing
their vehicles, ATV’s, campers, dogs, or fill additional water containers upon departure.

During a Pandemic, current State & Local rules/mandates (including face masks, social distancing, and gathering restrictions, if any) will be posted around the RV Park. All RV’s are required to be fully self-contained with toilets, washing facilities and cooking appliances. Areas of the RV Park could be closed due to the mandates. Mandates (if any) are in effect for all areas of the RV Park (includes common areas, northern rail road property and individual RV Sites). Please understand we are a business and we are bound to uphold the orders whether you agree with them or not. We understand and sympathize with our guests who make Aspen Ridge RV Park a summer tradition and we appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.

Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park is operated on a seasonal basis only. Short term stays are available on a variable rate structure from one day to five months. Payment shall not constitute or create any form of residence or Extended Stay agreement between Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park and its guests. The payment of any guest stay to Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park shall constitute an implied consent agreement by which the guest agrees to accept and comply with all the rules, regulations and operating policies established by Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park. Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park reserves the right to change, modify, add or delete, at its sole discretion, the rules, regulations and operating policies.

Spaces shall be used exclusively by registered guests of Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park. Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park must be notified by registered guests prior to third party visits. Third party visitors must register with Aspen Ridge RV LLC, dba Aspen Ridge RV Park on arrival. Tents shall not be set up in RV sites. Guests that have visitors are responsible for informing such visitors of the rules and regulations and shall be responsible for the conduct of any such visitor.

Additional Pet and RV Park Guidelines will be provided at check-in.